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About Me

Executive Summary

  1. Cambridge educated
  2. Big 4 trained
  3. 19 years working in industry as an accountant up to CFO level
  4. 14 years working as an entrepreneur founding and growing businesses and income streams
  5. Appeared on national TV business news programs 7 times as an expert
  6. Invited to be a judge at the prestigious UK Business Awards in November

More detail

I have done the accounts for one man bands, architects, corner shops, doctors, as well as larger businesses such as a potato packing company, a fruit importer and wholesaler.

The largest company I did the accounts for was Canon Cameras. I worked at the European head office of Canon, which was in Amsterdam. I prepared the accounts for the whole of Europe and reported back to the world head office in Tokyo.

I was the financial controller of a large fruit importer and wholesaler (£100m turnover) for many years, and also the chief financial officer of a £20m turnover educational company that supplied consultants to a government Quango.

In short I have had over twenty years of experience doing the accounts for all different size businesses, and have also worked at all levels of business.

In addition to my jobs as an accountant I have a breadth of experience founding many businesses and streams of income including

  • Buying physical products from China, transporting  and selling them in the USA under my own brand.
  • Creating a supplements brand, and sourcing supplements from the USA and selling them there.
  • Publishing 7 books under my own publishing house
  • Supplying reputation management services
  • Brokerage business buying and selling domain names
  • Internet marketing. Selling info products online earning affiliate income
  • Digital agency helping people and businesses sell online

An effective leader and first class problem solver who enjoys taking ownership of projects to deliver on the strategic aims of the business.

Skilled in

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Coaching
  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • Systems Implementation
  • Giving Presentations
  • Staff Management
  • Advanced Excel Modelling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Project Planning Using IRR
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Leadership
  • Consolidated Accounts Preparation
  • Raising Finance

    Other interests include:- chess, Mensa, piano, fitness