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Corporate Finance

Some companies are fit for finance, but many are not.

They underestimate future cash flow problems.

You need to consider:

1) How are you financed currently?
2) What are your growth plans?
3) What is your ultimate goal?

If your business is facing cashflow problems, and heading for a crisis, then you need to consolidate and stabilise so that you can sustainably grow in a resilient way.

Do not expand too fast. You need to control your costs as you grow. The goal is that everything grows at the same time - sales, costs, supply chains, and ultimately cash.

To make yourself an attractive proposition for private equity or banks you need to become fit for finance. You need the 4 Cs of credit:

1) Character - you need to be creditworthy
2) Capability - you need enough cashflow to pay the bills
3) Conditions - are you in a growing or declining sector? What stage are you at in the lifecycle of your company? Initial high growth? plateau? or decline with increased competition?
4) Capital - what is the health of your balance sheet

Then the prospective lender will look at the net earnings at the end of the year, and whether you already have the right lending or not. They can then offer indicative terms.