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Do You Want Me To Set Up Retargeting For You For £75?

Retarget visitors to your websites with ads WILL increase your profit

Call me now on 07888 862900

So let me ask you something. Have you ever been to Amazon, and looked at a product, then later on you notice ads for that product all over the Internet?

That is because Amazon put a cookie on your site and are retargeting you.

They do this because it is highly profitable and you can do exactly the same thing.

It is a massive opportunity.

Think of when someone visits your website. Most of the time they may only spend between a few seconds or a minute or two, before they close it down, and forget all about it, never to return.

You have just lost all that time, effort and money you spent getting that person to visit.

But the fact is there was some reason that made them want to go to your site, and if you keep retargeting them with ads, many of them will keep on getting back in touch with that reason, and will visit it again, and potentially become your customer.

Here are some statistics

Only about 3% of website visitors purchase on their first visit

Following up with website visitors with ads increases search engine searches on by up to 10 times and increases purchases on average by 70-200%

Following up is critical - it’s one of the most effective ways to get more visibility with qualified prospects and also get your customers coming back for repeat purchases.

We can set this up for you and have your ads up and running within a week. Packages start from £75 per month and can massively increase your revenue. Give me 15 minutes of your time, and I will explain the whole thing.

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